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Toys have a very important role in the development of dogs, just as they do in the development of humans. Playing games increases the cognitive abilities of our friends, allows them to be mentally stimulated and start learning. It helps distract them when they’re alone and keeps them busy, giving them the opportunity to spend time independently. Toys also mean great fun, helping to meet their exercise needs as well as providing the opportunity to spend quality time with our tailed friends. Moreover, toys have a great function in overcoming behavioral problems such as excessive barking or chewing. However, the fact that not all toys are the same and there are tricks to choosing a dog toy cannot be ignored. You can find useful suggestions in this article about how to choose a toy for them, both to protect their health and to spend quality time.

You Must Set Your Purpose Correctly

A great selection awaits you when it comes to dog toys. There are many different types of toys for dogs that come in many different materials, many different colors, serve many different purposes and come in many different sizes. Therefore, the first step in narrowing down your preferences is to determine the purpose of the toy. Some products may be aimed at providing distraction while having a pleasant time, some products may be aimed at improving intelligence while having fun, and some products may be aimed at encouraging exercise.

If you choose according to your purpose during the selection of dog toys, your satisfaction with the product you buy will increase. Is your goal to calm your friend? Playing a game with him in which he will participate interactively? Or is it just a toy to keep him occupied while you’re busy? By finding the answers to these questions, you will be one step closer to the right choice. At, you can find hundreds of toys with different features that your friend needs. You can access the variety of dog toys with a single click here, and you can choose from the products that will attract your friend’s attention.

Your Friend’s Sizes Determine

Dog toys are usually specially designed in line with the sizes, jaw structures and jaw sizes of small, medium and large breeds. Toys suitable for small breed dogs can be dangerous for large breed dogs. Likewise, toys suitable for large breed dogs may not mean toys for small breeds. For this reason, it is useful to turn to quality and safe toys that they cannot swallow and have difficulty in breaking. Especially in the puppyhood period, dogs spend a lot of time with toys, as they are quite energetic and curious. Toys that they can smash can be quite risky during this period. With the dog toy you will choose in the size of your friend’s breed, you can ensure that your friend spends time safely, you can contribute to his development by making quality choices.

What Kind of Toys Does Your Friend Like?

The first step in answering this question is to introduce dogs to a variety of toys that will measure their liking. You can examine his reaction to each toy during playtime, which is also a great opportunity to spend time with him, and you can determine the appropriate toy for him to do the activities he enjoys the most.

Some dogs love plush toys, while others may not be at all. While some dogs like to spend time with intelligence toys, some may prefer chewing bones, which they see as both a reward and a game. When you find the type of toy that will meet their expectations, you will be one step closer to the right toy.

large and small breed dog playing with toy

How Strong Is Your Friend?

When choosing toys suitable for the size of the dogs, it is necessary to consider how strong they are. Especially in the game, which has a logic based on pulling like a rope, the difference between the jaw forces can completely change the rope selection criteria.

Another criterion for choosing the right toy is to have information about the physical qualities of the toy. The toy should not be made of toxic materials, for example, the material should be of high quality and should not break easily. You should choose toys that do not contain any features that will endanger the health and safety of our friends. Just be careful at this point! The shape of the toys you choose for your friend can also affect your comfort. A shoe-shaped toy can turn your shoes into a potential toy, and the imagination must be challenged to reproduce these examples. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that the products you choose are easy to clean. Harmful bacteria can accumulate in toys that are used for a long time and can contain food residues from time to time. It would be beneficial not to turn to toy alternatives that are not suitable for regular cleaning.

Toy Safety for Dogs

After choosing your friend’s toys in the most correct way, you should regularly monitor whether the safety of the toys continues. You should throw away toys that have been used for a long time and that are old. Worn out toys may be more fragile and more easily torn apart. In such a case, blockages may occur as a result of swallowing.

You can make choices appropriate to which life stage your friend is in while choosing a toy. You should prioritize toys that will both play safely and contribute to their developmental period. You should always keep track of how many toys your dog has. Is the toy missing, broken, where are the pieces? You should find answers to such questions and always be cautious.

As a result, there are objective and subjective aspects of choosing the right toy. You should pay attention to whether the toy you choose is safe for your friend, and whether the toy you choose meets your friend’s expectations. Therefore, there is no one right toy for every dog; By getting to know your friend and spending more time with him, you can make the right, most appropriate, most enjoyable and most beneficial choice for him.

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